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    As of February 7, 2022, all new CDL applicants must complete Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) with a registered training provider prior to being eligible to schedule their final CDL Skills Test. ELDT consists of “Theory” and “Behind-the-Wheel” instruction.

    You might be asking yourself, “Does it matter which truck driving school I attend?” Absolutely! Even though all registered training providers are required to offer curriculums that are in line with the new FMCSA ELDT requirements, no two programs or schools are created equally. Our programs continue to include the most hands-on training available, while other schools may focus on classroom instruction. West Michigan CDL also offers the most financial assistance, as well as job placement assistance, ensuring you have multiple driving opportunities and the fastest return-on-investment once you graduate. Your future is just too important to risk by attending a substandard school.

    More carriers hire our graduates than they do from any other school, and for good reason. Carriers know that our training programs are the most comprehensive in the Midwest. With regular campus visits by recruiters, as well as a full-time job placement staff, our students have a strong list of great driving opportunities to consider before they attend their first class at West Michigan CDL, and some even have a job already lined up!

    At West Michigan CDL, our training is recognized as the best in the entire state. We offer personalized training with experienced and respected instructors. West Michigan CDL gives you the most behind-the-wheel experience of any school in the Midwest. There is no other truck driving school that offers as much behind-the-wheel training as West Michigan CDL due to our small group sizes.

    Expert instructors, hands-on training, and more behind-the-wheel time means that when you begin your new career as a truck driver, you will be prepared for real-life situations you may face!

    At West Michigan CDL Truck Driving School we offer daytime and weekend classes that will fit around your schedule. Our 3 Week Course and other programs take place in modern facilities, and more importantly, modern equipment. Our instructors will provide you with behind-the-scenes insight and real-life situations to ensure you drive away toward a successful career.


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