Whitehall Class A CDL

West Michigan CDL is the greatest trucking driving school in the Midwest, offering a 4-week training program in our high tech facilities with innovative equipment. Our CDL training program is recognized as the best in the entire state. No other truck driving school compares to WMCDL. We offer Class A CDL, Class B CDL, and Class C CDL as well as Hazmat CDL and Passenger CDL courses. WMCDL certified instructors are professional and have an immense amount of truck driving experience. Our trainers will provide you with behind the scenes awareness and real-life circumstances assuring you a successful career as a professional truck driver.

Whitehall Class B CDL

Whitehall is a city in Muskegon, Michigan with 2,706 residents. The city is located in the southwest corner of Whitehall Township on White Lake. WMCDL is located in Grandville just a short drive from Whitehall. Come to the premier truck driving school and receive your Class A Commercial Driver’s License in less than 4 weeks! WMCDL is the most popular truck driving school in the Midwest. Our Whitehall students know we care about their future and want them to be successful. WMCDL is the best truck driving school to acquire your Class A CDL, Class B CDL, Class C CDL, Hazmat CDL or Passenger CDL. Many of our Whitehall students have a job lined up before they graduate!

Whitehall Class C CDL

WMCDL provides proficient training and the necessary skills you need to have a successful truck driving career. With classes forming weekly, you can be on your way to an exciting new career in as little as 3 to 4 weeks! Tuition assistance is also available for those who qualify. WMCDL amazing job placement staff will help you find a truck driving job with an excellent trucking company after you graduate. WMCDL is committed to helping our students complete their CDL training program successfully and land a high paying rewarding job. Call West Michigan CDL at (888) 550-4947 and enroll today!
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