Genesee County Township CDL Test

West Michigan CDL in Grandville, Michigan is Genesee County Townships’s superior choice for truck driver training. West Michigan CDL is a premier CDL testing prep school and CDL testing facility with state of the art, clean facilities and modern equipment in order to offer certified CDL practice tests, CDL road tests and CDL training courses. We are one of a few CDL testing prep schools that is allowed, by the State of Michigan, to administer actual CDL testing as well. This is highly convenient for our students, who don’t have to find another place to take the CDL test after completing our 4 week course. Moreover, our graduates are not even required to pay the CDL testing fee. West Michigan CDL’s testing prep program is the premier commercial driver’s license course in the midwest. We provide more hands on experience than any other driving school. In fact, you’ll be behind the wheel on your first day of class! Additionally, our National Safety Council of America certified defensive driving course leads to more opportunities. Whether you want to start a new career as a truck driver by applying for our CDL testing prep course, or want to take a CDL practice test or CDL road test, check out West Michigan CDL.

Genesee County Township CDL Testing

Genesee County Township, MI is in Michigan’s Genesee County. It has a population of approximately 21,200, and is located straight east of Grand Rapids, but is closer to Detroit. West Michigan CDL is west of Genesee by a couple hours. We are an exceptional truck driving school that offers CDL testing prep in addition to CDL testing. We employ knowledgeable instructors and our CDL practice test will prepare Genesee students for a successful truck driving career. A number of major carriers recommend the curriculum we use, and company recruiters regularly visit the campus hoping to hire new drivers. Thanks to the current high demand for truck drivers, as well as our hard working job placement staff, West Michigan CDL’s Genesee students often get job offers before even beginning their four week CDL testing prep course. Keep in mind, our graduates are not required to pay an additional fee to take the CDL road test at our facilities. Numerous Genesee residents have completed CDL testing prep and CDL tests at West Michigan CDL and went on to have successful careers in the trucking business.

Genesee County Township CDL Practice Test

Graduating from West Michigan CDL and passing your CDL test opens the door to a truck driving career, and since OTR carriers and local companies hire our students more often than any other school, you can count on job offers from a variety of companies, big and small. At West Michigan CDL, you’ll obtain incredible hands on experience, more than any other CDL testing prep program. We also offer flexible class schedules. In addition to our premier training courses, we have an outstanding reputation as a CDL testing facility. Only a few truck driving schools are also allowed by the State of Michigan to administer the CDL road test to students like we are. Students should also know that there are many ways to be able to afford ways to complete training and testing and get your commercial driver’s license through West Michigan CDL, so contact us through our website or call us at (888) 550-4947 today.
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